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Fresh, creamy and delicious. You can taste local in every glass.



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Fresh, creamy and delicious. You can taste local in every glass.

Our milk doesn’t contain any artificial or added hormones or antibiotics. It’s Grade A, pasteurized and homogenized. Our cows eat high-quality fresh pasture grasses, including alfalfa and clover, along with corn silage in the cold months to maintain a healthy weight. Their diet is supplemented with minerals, vitamins and molasses. Our farmers never treat their cows with rBST or preventive antibiotics.


Five Acre Farms

Five Acre Farms brings the best-tasting local food to grocery stores, restaurants and food shops. We find outstanding farmers using sustainable practices, pay them fairly and tell their stories. Focused on dairy, our products are milk, half & half, heavy cream, buttermilk, yogurt, kefir, cage free eggs, apple juice, apple sauce and seasonal apple cider. Everything is sourced and produced within 275 miles.
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1 review for Whole Milk Half Gallon

  1. Denise Fischer

    I only recently discovered Five Acres Farms milk in my local Mrs. Green’s. Aside from the fact that the farmers don’t add antibiotics or hormones & the milk isn’t GMO or UHT, it has a very, very fresh, milky flavor. There are many others who advertise no antibiotics, etc, but Five Acres beats them all with the flavor, and the ability to help local farmers. Farming is hard work! We can’t let all of our farms be taken over by big conglomerates.

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