Dairy Products

The Northeast has long been known for its dairy farms. That’s why cow’s milk, half & half, heavy cream, kefir, buttermilk, and yogurt were among our first products. Everything starts the same way – with the best local milk delivered straight from outstanding dairy farmers who use sustainable practices. The happy result is dairy that we think is fresher and tastier than anything out there. And you just can’t find higher-quality dairy at this price.

Our dairy products contain nutrients your body needs. Our milk. kefir and yogurt products contain protein, calcium, and vitamin b12 which are essential for maintaining strong bones, and teeth and keeping your nervous system healthy. Don’t forget, that vitamins A and D are in every cup of milk to help support your immune system. We offer dairy products with fat contents to suit your dairy preferences.  Visit our product pages to read the nutrition label and learn more about the health benefits of our local dairy products.

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