Alderfer Eggs & Kauffman Farm

A Partnership Flourishes in Rural Pennsylvania


After working together for a decade, Jacob Kauffman and Mike Alderfer have expanded their partnership to include supplying Five Acre Farms Local Eggs, laid by cage free hens.

It all begins at Kauffman Farm, where family life and work life are intertwined. Jacob wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jacob’s passion for working outdoors and caring for animals comes through in the fresh taste of Kauffman Farm’s eggs. His Hy-Line Brown hens wander unhindered throughout cage free barns designed to support and encourage their natural behavior. Jacob gathers the eggs laid at his farm in Loganton, Pennsylvania and then hands them off to Mike.

The bond between family and farming is also clear at Alderfer Eggs in Telford, where Mike represents his family’s fourth generation in the business. The Alderfers uphold the tradition of keeping farming in the family by involving the next generation in running the farm.

Alderfer Eggs not only raises its own hens but also partners with farmers like Jacob to distribute eggs raised with respect for the animal. When Kauffman Farm’s eggs arrive at Alderfer’s second facility in in Schwenksville, Mike and his team take on the next step in the process by sorting, cleaning and packaging the eggs. Once this is finished, the Five Acre Farms truck picks up the eggs for their trip to our distributors, then on to supermarkets, food shops and restaurants.

Open communication, a love of animals and a commitment to farming are the keys to the productive partnership Jacob and Mike enjoy. Five Acre Farms is committed to supporting its continued growth and success.