Helping our community during the pandemic

We’re teaming up with Fair Food Network to get food from farmers to local food banks during the coronavirus pandemic.

During COVID-19, we’ve seen lines at local food banks stretch a mile long alongside dumped milk, smashed eggs, and vegetables plowed under in fields. People are hungry and farmers are struggling.

  • 40M People unemployed in wake of COVID-19
  • 4 in 10 Black and Hispanic households with children struggling to feed their families during the pandemic (Source: Brookings Institution’s Hamilton Project)
  • 3.5+M Gallions of milk that could be dumped per day right now

How You Can Help

Every dollar you give supports children and families at local food banks while putting more money directly in the pockets of American farmers. Help us do more. Within 24 hours of every donation, we mobilize to bring fresh milk and eggs from farmers to families who need it most.

  • $1,200 – Give a healthy breakfast to 1,250 people
  • $4,300 – Give a healthy breakfast to 4,550 people
  • $9,400 – Give a healthy breakfast to 10,000 people

To make a donation, please click the Donate Now Button which contacts: Nicki Sandberg, Senior Grant Accountant at Fair Food Network at Nicki will guide you through the process and maximize the efficiency of your donation.