Farms to Families Update

What started out as a call from a friend who wanted to make an immediate difference in the growing food crisis has turned into a truly holistic approach to helping feed those in need with dignity and nutritious local food. Since last June, Five Acre Farms and the Fair Food Network have leveraged our existing logistics infrastructure to move food directly off of local farms and into the mouths and bodies of our neighbors. The model is to pay the farmer, trucking, and logistics communities fairly so they can continue to remain in our economy. With food insecurity skyrocketing, Five Acre Farms saw an opportunity to provide nutritious fresh food to those in need using this very model – the results have been gratifying.

We have delivered fresh milk and eggs directly to food pantries as we would our existing customers. Our deliveries have been to a range of communities: Upstate Eastern New York, Albany, The South Bronx, Queens, all the boroughs. Sometimes we have been mask to mask, handing out to those in need and sometimes we have been intermediaries. In Queens, we have directly stocked the Jackson Heights Community Fridge, a local non-profit that has a novel approach – outdoor refrigerators up and down the boulevard that is accessible to all that want. Sometimes we park the Big Rig and unload into waiting cars, sometimes it’s milk crates and egg cartons in front of a housing complex in tandem with a local pantry.

Thanks to all of your support and we look forward to doing a lot more.

Dan Horan - Five Acre Farms, CEOI hope everyone is staying safe.