Five Acre Farms – Positively Local!

fresh_local_dairy_productsIn the Northeast, you can’t think about agriculture without thinking about dairy farms. That’s why our first local product is milk. And milk is not just milk. We think our milk is fresher and tastes better than any other milk out there.

Our products are local. They come from within 275 miles of where they are sold, but local is about more than just distance. To us, local means that we know exactly where our food comes from – and what farming practices and processes were used along the way.

Knowing those practices helps protect our groundwater and rewards good land stewardship. Local means being part of growing the region’s economy.

Our milk is Grade A, pasteurized and homogenized, and doesn’t contain any artificial or added hormones or antibiotics. Our farmers grow their own feed, and their cows are not treated with rBST or preventive antibiotics.

We like the way our products are priced. You just can’t find higher-quality dairy at this price.local_dairy_products

Whole Milk

Fresh, creamy and delicious. You can taste the farm in every glass.

Available in: Gallon, Half Gallon
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Reduced Fat

Our customers tell us that the distinctive creaminess of our reduced fat milk makes it taste like whole milk.

Available in: Gallon, Half Gallon
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Fat Free

What makes our fat free milk so creamy and sweet is the proper care and feeding of our cows.

Available in: Gallon, Half Gallon
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Half & Half

Half cream. Half milk. 100% goodness.

Available in: Pint
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Heavy Cream

Pure cream. Period. Absolutely no additives, stabilizers or anything else that’s not necessary. Our cream is so pure that you can use it to make your own butter in 20 minutes.

Available in: Pint
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Apple Products

local_apple_productsIn making our apple sauce, juice and cider, we start with great-tasting, 100% local apples, grown in the Northeast’s best orchards. Our fruit is spectacular because our growers select each variety for its flavor, and Northern growing conditions intensify its special traits.

Apple Sauce

Our apple sauce is 100% local apples, and we never add sugar. We blend the best local varieties and cook the apples whole to create a full-flavored sauce that balances sweet and tart and has just the right consistency. We never add sugar as a sweetener — because we don’t need to — and we never add water to increase yield. The fruit stands on its own, and we leave it alone.

Apple Juice

Our apple juice is different from other juices out there because it is 100% local apples, we never use concentrate and we never add sugar. We do not filter, strain or use enzymes to break down the fruit. Because our juice is unfiltered, it contains more of the apple’s natural nutritional benefits and tastes better.

Apple Cider

Sweet and crisp, our cider is made from refreshing Macintosh, wine-flavored Empire, famous and familiar Red Delicious, small, crunchy Spartan and winter-hardy heirloom Northern Spy, all picked at peak ripeness. Available September to April.

Cage Free Eggs

local_fresh_dozen_eggsLaid by happy, content hens, our cage free eggs have all the hallmarks of freshness: cloudy whites, high yolk domes and intact chalazae that center the yolks. While our cartons note that we deliver our eggs from hen to store within 36 hours, it has come to our attention recently that there are times when that is not possible. We do strive to deliver our eggs, which are gathered to order, to stores within 36 hours.