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Mulberries to Milk

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Upholding Family Farming Traditions on Stearns Road

Josh and Tim Stearns, representing the seventh generation of Stearns dairy farmers, oversee the operation today. Along with its own herd, mainly Holsteins and a few Jerseys, Mountain Dairy processes milk for two other small neighboring farms.

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Left: Jim Stearns. Right: Silos among the mountain foliage.

The Stearns boys take pride in their herd’s high-quality feed. Mountain Dairy’s cows eat a balanced diet of corn silage and hay grown on the farm supplemented with a carefully measured amount of grain. The farmers never give their cows artificial growth hormones or preventive antibiotics. They recycle their cows’ manure, using it to replenish nutrients in the soil.

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Welcome to the family: one of the calves in the barn.

The Stearns Family is committed to ensuring that Mountain Dairy’s tradition of quality continues for many generations to come. Five Acre Farms is proud to partner with farmers in the Northeast like the Stearns who use sustainable practices and adhere to higher standards for animal treatment, preserving farmland and protecting groundwater.

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Clockwise from Top Left: One of the family homes on the farm. Jim heading out to inspect the cow barn. Working the phones.