Dairy Farmers

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Happy, Healthy Cows Make Award-Winning Milk: The McEachrons Set Standard for Sustainable Farming and Animal Treatment

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Mulberries to Milk: Upholding Family Farming Traditions on Stearns Road


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Strengthening Local Community: On a Bus, On a Bike and On the Farm

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Creating a Family Farm Legacy: Raising Happy Red Stars, Hatching a Family Business 

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A Partnership Flourishes in Rural Pennsylvania


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Hudson Valley Mainstay: Perfecting Apple Flavor, Boosting the Local Economy

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Earning Longevity in Apple Valley: Family, Perseverance and Love of Innovation

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Making Orchards More Fruitful: Three Generations, Modern Trees & Sustainable Growing Techniques

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Farmland Forever: Conserving Prime Soils on the Eastern Banks of the Hudson

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As Much Apple Growers As Land Stewards: Caring for Farm, Land & Community in the Champlain Valley

Dairy Processors

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A Growing Business Moves Out Front: Bringing a Farmer’s Viewpoint and Values to the Creamery