Placing a Premium on the Environment


Protecting the Long Unbroken Legacy of a Vermont Orchard

Champlain Orchards is the oldest continuously operating orchard in Vermont. Proprietors Bill Suhr and Andrea Scott grew the apples used to make Five Acre Farms Local Apple Cider for our inaugural cider season. They cultivate more than 70 apple varieties in their 130-acre orchard on the shores of Lake Champlain, where rich glacial soils and the northern climate make their apples particularly flavorful.

Champlain Orchards

Clockwise from Left: Bill and Andrea with their son Rupert. Wooden apple bins line one end of an orchard. Apples being sorted on the line.

In everything they do, Bill and Andrea place a premium on growing practices that have a minimal impact on the environment, sharing Five Acre Farms’ dedication to preserving farmland, protecting groundwater and conserving energy.

Champlain Orchards

Clockwise from Top Left: Bill planting a new orchard. Apple signs awaiting their assignments. Making a sweep of the orchard.

Champlain Orchards is Eco-Apple certified through Red Tomato and follows Integrated Pest Management (IPM) guidelines to manage pests while minimizing environmental impacts. Bill and Andrea actively monitor their trees year-round to reduce the use of pesticides while relying more on non-synthetic fertilizers. They are experimenting with organic apples on a quarter acre of the orchard, using disease-resistant strains developed by land-grant schools. They continually plant and experiment with a range of uncommon, naturally disease-resistant fruit varieties. Twenty-four solar trackers on their land provide 100% of the farm’s energy needs, reducing its carbon footprint.

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